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Game News
Welcome to EXALTED Empire!

If you are a member of our VG, please apply to join this site, although it is not needed.

   If you can get along with others, log in once every month or more often with your character, play in SG mode until at least level 25, and you have a level 10 or higher character on Exalted server, you can send an in-game global e-mail to @CyberWoLfman (The game will not let you send a global in-game e-mail until level 10) in the City of Heroes game.

  The reason we ask you to log in at least once every month with your character is that when we fill up again, we kick those who haven't logged in the longest.

  You can also find a listing of events on the Exalted server here.

  For those who are new to the game, please check out the City of Villains New User Guide AKA CoV New User Guide with Helpful Tips.

  The main events our VG does each week, (listed in eastern time zone) are:

Sunday: 8:30 P.M: RWZ ship raid. It is recommended that you get there a little early, before the Rikti War Zone fills up. This is usually over within an hour.

Wednesday: 8:00 P.M: RWZ ship raid. It is recommended that you get there a little early, before the Rikti War Zone fills up. This is usually over within an hour.

Saturday: 9:00 P.M: Strike Forces. You can get in earlier, if you like, and try to put something together, but, some of our VG members may not be in until 9:00 P.M. Eastern.  This lasts until we cannot get enough people involved for another SF.  Which is sometimes late at night.  Hee hee hee
Guild News

Base Changes

exalted1, Oct 3, 11 9:25 AM.
  We now have teleports to all of the zones a villain can go to!  This includes Mercy Island, Port Oakes, Cap au Diable, Sharkhead Isle, Nerva, St. Martial, Grandville, Pocket D, and the Rikti War Zone. They are lined up near the base entrance, in a blue hallway so you don't have to run all over the base to find the one you want like on some bases. 

  There's also a Pillar of Ice and Flame in the Control Room where you can access the Ouroboros mission list if you're high enough level.

  And . . . We now have more storage bins, and a second workshop room!

  We ask our VG members to use the first workshop room to store common salvage, and the second workshop room to store uncommon salvage.  The first three salvage bins can be used by anyone in our VG who has had at least the first promotion, and the ones after that can be used by anyone who has had at least two promotions. This is by far better than the default setting, which requires a VG member to have four promotions to use a salvage bin. 

  We also ask you to only take what salvage you need for recipes, and not to just take stuff to sell it, and to only have one of each kind of common salvage in the common salvage bins, and one of each kind of uncommon salvage in the uncommon salvage bins.  This means more variety for everyone who might be looking for something to craft a recipe with.  Any extras of the same kind in a salvage bin, or salvage placed in the wrong bins will either be moved to another bin, or sold.

  Remember, too, that if you need uncommon or rare salvage, you can turn in tickets in the top floor of the AE building to buy some. If you want easy missions to farm for tickets, search for CyberWoLfman in an AE terminal. 

RWZ Ship Raid a a success!

exalted1, Oct 3, 11 8:35 AM.
Last night, some of our VG members engaged in a Rikti ship raid in RWZ!  We made a lot of vanguard merits, XP, and Infamy! 

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

exalted1, Oct 1, 11 6:48 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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